Amy K. Benedict, M.Ed. & LMFT

New Paltz, NY
Compassionate accompaniment on your path to wholeness and connection

My work has always been guided by a belief in our innate capacity to learn, to heal, and to transform provided we are met with empathy and compassion in the fullness of who we are — body, mind and spirit.

There are times when we need a place of refuge where we can address the depth and complexity of that which is causing us suffering or limiting our experience of life and relationships. I am honored to welcome individuals and couples into just such a safe and accepting space, where both inner and relational awareness can develop and flourish.

I strive to support clients in discovering and reconnecting with strengths and vital parts of themselves, opening up new possibilities for healing, intimacy and meaning in life.

I hold masters degrees in Education (Antioch University) and in Marriage and Family Therapy (Mercy College). Also a certified Celebrant, I collaborate with diverse clients to create rituals to honor marriages and other life cycle eventsThis symbolic artistic work inspires my therapy with clients navigating all developmental stages and thresholds: emergent adulthood, parenthoodmidlife and agingas well as those facing changes in relationship status through death, separation and divorce.

"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."


You deserve the compassionate attention that therapy provides; 45 minutes to reconnect with the fullness of who you are.

Most of us have suffered some degree of trauma, loss of love, or disconnection. In order to move on with our lives we adapt in ways that often cease to truly serve us.

We need a safe space to tune in and learn from our distress — our feelings of fear, vulnerability, sadness, anxiety, anger, disconnection.

Doing so becomes a pathway into a deeper richer experience of life. We can reconnect with our vitality and begin to heal, grow and transform in ways that are essential.

An affirming and supportive therapeutic relationship encourages you to accompany yourself through life with compassion and understanding, so that you can move through the world and engage in relationships with authenticity and courage.


It is an honor to be invited to support a couple in discerning the path forward, restoring communication, meeting challenges of life, or rekindling intimacy and a sense of what is possible.

Do you find your selves caught up in frustrating patterns? Have you become embattled or disconnected? Are you retreating from one another, caught up in blame, shame and defense? 

I help you listen deeply so that you both feel understood. I support you in showing up lovingly and respectfully for both yourself and one another.

In your light I learn how to love,
in your beauty how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest
where no one sees you,
but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art.

Walk & Talk

We can bring our work together into the great outdoors. Connecting with the harmony and rhythm of the natural world restores vitality and the sense that change is possible. New insights, ways of being, and responding, become embodied as you move, breathe and gaze at the landscape.

There are a variety of spaces and trails where we can meet in confidence. In advance, we agree on a comfortable way to greet people we know, should we encounter them.

Fresh air and sunshine make Walk & Talk therapy a safe and responsible choice during the pandemic:


Upstate Couple Retreats

Create your own Upstate Retreat. You arrange for overnight accommodations; relax and revel in the beauty, culture and wild spaces of the region; and work with me in one or more intensive sessions.

Practice deep listening, validation and empathy. Share in experiences and new perspectives that allow you to re-connect, revitalize and re-imagine what is possible for your relationship.

Weekends as well as mid-week available.


I create a very special time and space for you and your partner to come together and prepare to cross this important threshold of life.

We'll reflect on the unique nature of your love and connection.

We'll explore what you envision and intend to create in your life together. We'll tune up your communication and relationship skills.

We can talk about anything and everything: from finances, work/life balance and technology — to values, children, spirituality, sex, intimacy, health and wellness.

We'll consider what your marriage means to your extended family and other relationships.

You'll feel clearer, more united and prepared for the great adventure before you.

Compassionate accompaniment on your path to wholeness and connection


Leave a message on my confidential voicemail. Let me know when it’s good to call you back: 917-525-5849

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